W’air at CES 2020!

7 January 2020
W’air at CES 2020!

We are delighted to announce our new project – W’air: the latest in sustainable clothing care that is a revolutionary, low-impact way to clean and refresh your clothes. Visit the team at CES where they will be providing live demos of this clever new device that uses common sense science to keep you fresh whilst using less energy and water.

So how does it work? W’air is a simple-to-use, cleaning device that uses our patented technology. W’air’s technology combines a gentle burst of air with just a tiny bit of water and soap. The collision science behind this produces a very precise spray mixture that effectively pushing away dirt, grime and odour-causing bacteria. This is not an ordinary combination – W’air will quickly remove spots and stains and leave your clothes looking and feeling refresher.
For more information on w’air, visit

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